Name: Sheamani Reid

Age: 17 yrs
Height: 170 cm
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Planning possible solutions to raise money, visiting different all girl schools through my Part time job at the Bryan’s photo Studio, watching documentaries, visiting my hometown and family, Watching and participating in Pageantry

Why do you want to enter? With the career path that i choose to take of becoming a Ambassador for my beloved country, Jamaica and the strong influence that i have as a leader in my school and my community. Portraying the characteristics of a woman; confidence, beauty, optimistic and kind, all moved me to take part in pageants that showcase beauty, elegance and females with a purpose. Allowing me to use this platform to show that i am a proud representative of my country, with no doubt being able to represent the United Nations as the next Miss Teen United Nations would be an honor.

Total Votes : 5,300