Miss Teen Canada

Name: Chelsea Girard

Age: 17 yrs

Height: 157 cm

Occupation: Student and Model

Hobbies: Chelsea’s hobbies consist of writing, volunteering and supporting multiple charitable organizations, focusing on promoting her platforms of choice, being a role model to the youth in her country, and recruiting others by talking about her personal experiences and how she got involved within her community

Why do you want to enter? Chelsea wanted to enter because the Miss Teen United Nations title would give her not only a bigger platform for the homeless and sick children support, and her main platform of teen depression, but I would also expand her charitable support within her community in hopes of the expansion going nation wide so all teens will get involved within their communities.Chelsea believes in being a positive role model for her generation and be the voice of her youth. Chelsea’s main focus on wanting to be apart of this United Nations Pageant is to be the voice of those who cannot be heard, and be the way through to more communication and support for different organizations. Chelsea supports not just one charitable organization, but supports everything that comes her way due to helping those in different situations gives her the experience to not only understand and relate to their predicament and help be a spokes person for multiple different people and organizations in multiple different situations.

Total Votes :53,600

Vote for Miss Teen Canada United Nations 2015

Vote for Miss Teen Canada United Nations 2015