Name: Yousra Moussaoui

Age: 28 year

Occupation: Journaliste/Model

Height: 160

Hobbies: trip/high climb

Biography: an active girl who lover carity works from an open family a journalist and a model

Life Ambition: I would to used my journalistic skills to influence the world.

Volunteer / Charity Work: I have passion to work with cancer patients through several charitable works.

Why did you enter the pageant?
I enter United Nations Pageants to used the amazing platform to inspire, motivate and educate people around the world.

Which world leader inspire you?

Princess Diana

What do you like about host country India?

I love Indian movies and songs, and I also love Indian culture

Favourite Food: taccos

Join us from October 22-26,2020 in Delhi, India for United Nations Pageants World Finals 2020.

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