Miss India United Nations 2021

Name: Anjel Mereena Tirkey

Age- 21

Occupation: Model and Student

Hobbies – Dancing, singing , socializing, cooking and sports.

Biography- Hello, I am Anjel Mereena Tirkey 21 years old girl and I come from the beautiful country known for its custom, culture and heritage India . I started modelling at the age of 16yrs and I was crowned Miss India United Nations 2020 at the age of 21 and it’s really great honor for me to carry the name of my country across my heart. I want people to look at me and learn that life is all about appreciating and accepting yourself the way you are and be happy in your life. I have been always a daring child and I am willing to take all the risk to make my country proud. I aspire to inspire not to be an echo but a voice .I am girl who always believe in prayer because today whatever I am it’s because of the blessing Almighty father Christ and my parents. I strongly believe, Beauty has so many forms but confident and loving yourself is the best thing you can carry with yourself forever.

Life Ambition- My life Ambition is to lead an ideal life and should be a role model and mentor for learning how to set outcome and performance goal will help to achieve my long term carrier ambition.
Charity work – Serving for old age homes and orphanage.

Why do you enter the pageant?
– I entered Pageant because pageantry gives us a window of opportunities , this world ties in with the entertainment world! So, it opens doors to modelling, acting , performing and much more ! Even if you want to speak out about things you are Passionate about for philanthropy point of views as well. The best side of pageant are the organization we are getting to work with or begin.it gives us opportunity to network with numerous organization and work with them, help them spread the awareness and much more.

Which world leader inspire you?
– The world leader who inspire me is Mother Teresa an unforgettable devotion to help the world poorest , most impoverished and vulnerable people left a lasting dent in the world. Her remarkable leadership was even powerful enough to cut across conflict and enemies lines .she moved to a slum to help poor people . Despite the lack of equipment and supplies, she found a way to open a school for poor Children teaching them to read and write .Her effort didn’t go unnoticed. A new community soon formed around Mother Teresa opening hospices , clinic and orphanages throughout India and within a few years the mission went global.

What do you like about host country India?
– I like about my country India it’s incredible architecture , unity in diversity ,co existence and peaceful nature to different cultures, mixed strong democratic foundation on which this country stands and India is the only country having a large number of languages widely spoken. India is a land of festivals.

Favorite food- Butter chicken.

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