Miss Great Britain United Nations 2016

Name: Emily Blake

Age: 25 yrs

Height: 172 cm

Occupation: Presenter, model and Mentor.

Hobbies:My hobbies include singing, acting, modelling and I also love to dance. I am a creative person so my hobbies are all things that allow me to be creative and express myself. Whether it is arts and crafts or making videos I love the feeling of creating something from scratch .

Why do you want to enter? I would like to enter because it would be an amazing platform on an international scale to reach, empower and help others. Since winning Miss British Beauty Curve 2014 I have been able to inspire people to love themselves for who they are and I have helped many people improve their confidence. I would love to do this on a larger scale as I want to see people\’s self esteem increase. I would love people to realize their full potential. I really feel I connect with others and have the power to make a lasting change. I was bullied in school and I want to show others that you shouldn’t let anyone dim your light, you should always be true to yourself and strive to be the best you can be.

Total Votes: 21,600