Miss Canada United Nations 2016

Name: Victoria Pedri

Age: 20 yrs

Height: 167 cm

Occupation: Student and Teaching Assistant

Hobbies: I am highly involved with extracurricular activities on my university campus- the University of Windsor. For instance, I am a part of five organizations and the president of two, one of which I founded myself. All of these groups involve philanthropy and community participation. I simply love to volunteer and make a difference to those around me. I am a natural born leader. Social justice and equity are priorities of mine. I am especially passionate about women’s rights, anti-bullying, student financial equity, and mental health awareness. Recently, I have also been working to help more Syrian Refugees get to Canada safely. In my spare time, when I am not studying, I also enjoy singing, listening to music, walking, dressing up, reading, attending theatre performances, and spending time with family and friends. .

Why do you want to enter? I wish to enter the Miss United Nations pageant because I would love to extend my service across the globe and make a substantial and positive impact on others. I would like to not only share my voice and opinions with others, but also listen to the ideas of delegates from other countries. I am sure there is a lot I could learn from such an experience. I would also like to feel empowered and empower others to embrace and accept themselves as well as stand up and make changes in their communities. .

Total Votes: 35,100