Miss Australia United Nations 2015

Name: Melanie Cristine Balagtas

Age: 24 yrs

Height: 168 cm

Occupation: Retail Manager

Hobbies:Singing, acting, hosting, modelling, mentoring and basketball .

Why do you want to enter? Pageantry isn’t just about being crowned as the most aesthetically beautiful amongst others but I believe it is a platform to cause people to listen, it is a source of power to make a change. Beauty Queens receive attention and it’s what you do with that attention that matters.

I joined Miss United Nations because if I were given the chance of carrying the title of Miss United Nations, I know I can make a greater difference. I don’t want to grow older and realize that I have wasted my god given talents because I am afraid or because I didn’t take action. I want to look back and know that my life has positively impacted others. I want to be seen as an inspiration and a role model and most of all I want to make my family proud. .

Total Votes: 5,000

Vote for Miss Australia United Nations 2015

Vote for Miss Australia United Nations 2015