Little Miss India United Nations 2021

Name: Sarah Pramanik

Age: 9 year old

Occupation: Student

Height: cm

Hobbies: Free style dance, Drawing & Coloring, Cake baking & chocolate making, Kareok Singing.

Birth place: Chennai, India

Life Achievement:
Best of best –
• Little miss India 2018
• Princess Universe Maharashtra
• Diva kids winner
• We glam 2k18
• Calendar Girl of 2018
• Winner of Baby show ( 3times)
• Ritz Mom and me
• Ranragini Mom and Me
• Pune kids Fashion Show
• Face of Thane Showstopper.

Life ambition: Want to become Veterinary Doctor by profession and a top model by passion

Charity: Milaap Foundation- Transgender ( A beautiful face means nothing without a beautiful heart and a beautiful mind !! )
Favorite Food: On one hand hot chapatis’ with ghee and Indian curries on the other crunchy veggies & meat wrapped in tortilla.

Which world leader inspire you?
Leader become great and inspiring, not because of their power, but because of the ability to empower others. Malala Yousafzai an activist for the right to education, especially women and children and a Noble Peace Prize winner.

What do you like about host country India?
India is the world’s largest democratic and secular country. India’s outstanding diversity of religions, languages and cultures is unique and unmatched. It has beautiful green crops that fill our land with greenery. It also has many rivers flowing through fertile soil, a variety of flowers, plants and animals. I am proud that I was born here and I shall serve my country till I draw my very last breath.

Vote Cast in People’s Choice Ambassador:  15,000 votes

Next voting option on Pageant Planet: People Choice Awards – Pageant Planet

Few more days until we crown the next Little Miss United Nations 2021! We’ll be welcoming her into our sisterhood on November 1-6,2021 in New Delhi, India. If you enjoy giving back to your community, and want to promote a cause close to your heart this is the perfect avenue for you. If you’re interested in becoming our next country representative visit our website
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