President Message’s


 I extend greetings and a warm welcome to our United Nations Pageants Family,  to the Organizers, National Director’s,Contestants, Family and Supporter representing over 84 nationalities attending  the 6th Annual United Nations Pageant World Finals in Kingston,Jamaica  for the 2016 Edition of this premier event,  The United Nations Pageants World Finals.Acknowledged as a contest which gives supremacy to an individual’s inner beauty, it is commendable that the United Nations Pageants focuses on each contestants’ dedication, courage, desire to succeed, and passion to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate through volunteerism.  These qualities serve as a guarantee that contestants will leave footprints that positively impact the world for many years to come.

The United Nations Pageants an acclaimed international organization dedicated to facilitating cooperation among nations, building world peace and promoting development.  The relationships established among contestants will allow them to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultural, social, religious and other backgrounds  of the countries which make up the United Nations.

The achievements of each contestant in their personal life and community development efforts are an indication that each is already a winner and is deserving of commendation.  I encourage contestants to continue making their mark on their respective countries long after the competition has ended.

I wish everyone an enjoyable and successful contest.